Deepfish — We need’em for UMPCs too

Today Microsoft released the Deepfish for Mobile Devices (Demo here). Note: This is currently available only by invitation.


The Deepfish Technology Preview enhances existing mobile browsing technologies by displaying content in a view that is closer to the desktop experience. Our zoom-able interface and cue map allow you to quickly access the information you care about over the web without ever losing track of where you are…

Some of the second generation of UMPC sport a better resolution than original / first generation UMPCs (800X480) We need Deepfish for UMPCs as well. Not all sites are designed for Mobile, so there has to be a way to get rid of the annoying horizontal scrollbars on the UMPCs and the answer is Deepfish.

What do you think? Will Microsoft make a version for UMPCs?

Learn more about Deepfish [Microsoft Live Labs]

One thought on “Deepfish — We need’em for UMPCs too”

  1. Opera for windows ( renders sites very nice for any screen resolution (especially with ‘Fit to width’ option on) and is fully comatible with Vista – try it, you don’t really need Deepfish :)

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