Mac OS X on Asus R2H

Yes you read it right. We feel it’s not going to be easy and you might be in great deal of issues. But one of our reader Igor sent us this email.

Today I had too much free time on my hands and didn’t know what to do with it so I picked up my Asus R2H and installed Mac OS X 10.4.7 on it (yes you read it
right). After some try-and-errors I finally managed to install it. Errors during installation were caused by my bad installation DVD. After replacing it the installation went very smooth. The installation process took about 45 minutes. The installation is not designed for 800 x 480 resolution, so you cannot se back and next buttons.

OS boot takes about 1min and 10 sec. UI is pretty slow, but it is not that annoying. This is most annoying Screen calibration is off, Most of the devices don’t work except Bluetooth and LAN. Will try to find as many drivers I can.

Not just the email he had sent us some pictures too.



Yep, I could hear your saying “this is photoshopped”, but hey it’s not impossible to install Mac OS X on your UMPC

I’ll leave it to you to decide. May be we should run a Contest or something. If you want to install OS X on your UMPC, head over here to detailed instructions and step by step Installation guide.

9 thoughts on “Mac OS X on Asus R2H”

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  4. I was able to install osx on a Motion Computing LE1600. Main problem was that the Wacom pen driver did not exist so I had to use a mouse.

    there is a good onscreen keyboard shareware so typing was not an issue.

    the LE1600 also had a problem with the external video port. I had to hook up a monitor to it to allow full boot to the os. I could then disconnect it and use the os as normal.

    I would have thought someone would have come up with driver for the Pen by now but I havn’t seen it yet.

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