Medion UMPC – more deets and pics

The Medion UMPC, which seems to be the first UMPC to ship with vista and the new Origami Experience now has the detailed specifications up on their OEM website.



Microsoft Windows Vista

CPU VIA C7-M 770 (5.0W 1.0GHz ULV @400MHz FSB)
Chipset & GPU VX700 (UniChrome GPU)
Memory 512MB/768MB DDR2
Storage 30GB or above PATA 4200rpm
LCD 6.5″ WVGA (800 X 480 LED B/L)
Web Cam 300K for VOIP

Input Device

Touch Screen
Touch Pad
4-way buttons
Enter button
Mouse select buttons
Connectivity 802.11b/g
Bluetooth® V2.0
I/O Port VGA out x 1
USB 2.0 x 2
Media slot (SD/SD-IO/MMC) x 1
Headphone jack x 1
Microphone jack x 1
DC-In x 1
Hot Key Buttons WiFi on/off
Bluetooth on/off
Web Cam on/off
TV/GPS on/off
Show or hide windows Mobility Center
Display enlarge
Dimension (w/Battery Pack) 190 x 120.8 x 28.3 mm
Weight (w/Battery Pack) 720g
Battery Life 4 ~ 5 hrs
Option Parts GPS
Security (TPM)


Product specifications [via Carrypad]

2 thoughts on “Medion UMPC – more deets and pics”

  1. This certaintly looks interesting, a quote from CES tells us its going to be “well under $1000″.

    I am very interested in one of these – but in the UK, i wonder if it will share the same release date? most of our Medion stuff comes through Aldi (or Woolworths)….

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