Samsung SPH-P9000 UMPC more deets

Remember the Samsung SPH-P9000 sighted about a month back. Slashgear has some great pics of the device and some interesting information about the device and availablity.


Samsung’s new SPH-P9000 in the flesh. It’s available in Korea early 2007 and stateside (maybe) Q2/Q3 from Sprint early 2008. The price is under $2000. It comes with a bundle of accessories including a very slim and sexy mobile handset.

Porn Gallery of the Samsung SPH-P9000 – the real Origami UMPC [Slashgear]

9 thoughts on “Samsung SPH-P9000 UMPC more deets”

  1. Great device! finally a real keyboard!

    While I hope the US version has touch type screen and maybe standard wifi as we are behind the Koreans for wireless, I still am ready to buy this computer right now.

  2. It comes with a cell phone designed to plug nicely to the right side all as one kit for under $2K US. Very cool and I agree I really have been wanting a pocket device with a real keyboard not a thumb input nor soley pen input.

  3. I´m impressed with the technology used in this device, it is an amazing tool.. my number is 556191525434, Brazil

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