UMPC Accessories: What can we expect?

As we get closer to seeing the UMPCs in stores, we thought it would be interesting to think about the accessories that might hit the shelves as well. This is just an idea of where the UMPCs accessory market might take us in the near future…

  • A full sized keyboard with a neat dock that will make life much easier for those who need to use it when at desk.
  • A USB mini foldable keyboard for those who travel.
  • A Dock that has an RF receiver so we can use those RF remote controls to do stuff and UMPCast some shows, movies and music to other gadgets.
  • A Remote control, something along the lines of what we have for Media Center PCs but much smaller and smarter.
  • A lightweight DVR Software customized for the UMPC that can record live TV/ shows and store them (ah, we have the sling media giving us a hand already)

We’re excited to hear from you too…

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