Video: Mac OS X on Asus R2H

About a month back there was a news about the World’s lightest and the smallest Apple Tablet PC / UMPC. Well this was custom built one. If you’ve not heard/seen it in action here it is.

For those of you who still have some doubts on what we posted yesterday about Mac OS X on the Asus R2H, here is some more interesting stuff. Igor just sent us the video of the Asus R2H booting up the Mac OS X and how some of the applications run with the touch screen. This is awesome. For those who have been waiting for the Apple Tablet wait no more, Buy your favorite Tablet PC and install the Mac OS X.

Here is the Video of Mac OS X running on the Asus R2H.

Igor adds….

Installed Mac OS X 10.4.7 JaS Pached and in custom installation (beside standard MAC OS stuff) also selected SSE2 patch. Installation had no problems (after I created the second install DVD).. it takes some time but it is very simple. Only issue is that it is not optimized for resolution of 800×480 so you can not see back and next buttons so you must use TAB button and try if the right button is selected. OK I almost forgot. It was nor dual boot installation. Mac OS X is my only OS now on Asus R2H.

Here are some more photos of installation in progress:


Once again Hats off to our reader “Igor” for sending us the details.

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